Who are Enshore?

Enshore are the trusted experts in installing and protecting critical subsea infrastructure.

We’re proud of our company’s heritage. Some of our teams have been working subsea for more than 25 years – and this means you can depend on us: we know how to overcome challenges.

Our history

Enshore’s leadership team has a wealth of cutting-edge seabed preparation experience.

Many of our key offshore engineers and technicians are also innovators in their own right, too.

Together, we’re developing the next generation of seabed preparation equipment that can deliver better, faster, more efficient seabed preparation worldwide.

Our work today

From route selection and survey to installation and protection, our teams bring cross-sector, in-depth knowledge to shallow water projects.

Over the last 25 years, we’ve trenched thousands of kilometres of pipelines and cables. Today, we’re focused on working smarter, not harder, and using equipment in new ways.

Our aim is to help clients accelerate a low carbon economy, and to deploy the critical infrastructure needed for a better subsea ecosystem.

Meet the team

Pierre Boyde

Managing Director

As our Managing Director, Pierre takes a hands-on role in shaping Enshore’s future. We are an innovation-based supplier to the subsea industry. Clients benefit from his experience in cable lay and trenching for over two decades.

Will Stephenson

Commercial Director

Developing partnerships with our clients, Will is our Commercial Director. He is responsible for the front end of our business – from strategy to contract delivery, handover to project teams, and ongoing client management.

Wayne Pullen

Technical Director

Our Technical Director, Wayne, is an engineer with vast cross-sector experience – subsea engineering, electronics, avionics – from which he draws the insight to keep our teams focused on high-performing innovation and technical excellence.

HSQE, always a priority

We’re leading the way in shallow water services. We know how to get the very best from trenching and seabed preparation equipment, and to do so by ensuring safety is our number one priority.

Contact Us

From project planning to equipment supply, contact us for more details and support with seabed preparation in any sector