Enshore Equipment

We run a full range of subsea trenchers, including mechanical and jet trenching systems, cable ploughs, intelligent mattress frames and a range of ancillary equipment for surveys and UXO.

For all kinds of seabed preparation, installation and protection of critical infrastructure, Enshore can provide the equipment you need, supported by a full team of experts to deliver the project.

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Enshore Subsea announces return of T3200: The world’s most powerful subsea trencher


T3200 - Mechanical cutter and jet trencher

T3200 is the world’s largest and most powerful subsea trencher, with a proven track record of burial in the most challenging seabed conditions.
  • Unrivalled capability

  • 800kW dual cutter drive

  • Trench depth to 3.5m

  • Combined cutting and jetting

  • Subsea product loading and unloading


Enshore ENS1600 - Advanced Seabed Trenching

ENS1600 is a dual mode tracked trencher with a proven track record for burying pipelines, flowlines, umbilicals and submarine cables. Typically, ENS1600 is fitted with a subsea power kit, but we can also configure this trencher to work in shallow water, being surface fed from a support vessel.
  • Adapts quickly to operate in multiple modes

  • Simultaneous cutting and jetting operations

  • Backfill attachment

  • Trench depths up to 3.2m cutting and 5.0m jetting

  • Crane or A-Frame Launch

T1 Trencher

Enshore T1 - Subsea to Onshore Hard Ground Trenching

T1 is a trenching system that works both subsea and onshore. We can adapt T1 to operate in cutting and jetting mode, for multiple soils and various environmental conditions.
  • Unique offshore and onshore capability

  • Variable modes for enhanced burial

  • Simultaneous cable / pile laying and burial

  • Trench depths to 1.3m in wheel cutter mode

  • Trench depths to 2.0m in jetting mode


SWT-1 - Shallow Water Trencher

SWT-1 is a purpose-built trencher with a proven track record for burying submarine cables and umbilicals in shallow water and beach operations.
  • Operates in shallow water to beach

  • Enhanced burial depths via jetter or wheel cutter

  • Easily reconfigurable for client requirements

  • Can be transported in 7 x 20ft ISO containers for easy deployment worldwide.


Enshore PCP - Power Cable Plough

Enshore’s Power Cable Plough – PCP-2 – is a high performance power cable plough that operates worldwide, providing the burial and immediate backfill of power cables. Our PCP-2 is ideally suited for offshore renewables projects, providing burial services for inter-array and export cables.
  • Self-loads product subsea

  • 3.5m bend radius for products with high MBR

  • 300kW water jetting system reduces tow force

  • Trench depths up to 2.4m at current configuration


Enshore APP - Advanced Pipeline Plough

Enshore’s Advanced Pipeline Plough (APP) has a solid track record for the pre-lay trenching and post-lay burial of large diameter pipelines and flowlines in multiple soils using multi-pass ploughing.
  • APP – diverless operation, reducing project risks

  • Adjustable skid for enhanced burial performance

  • Proven and accepted trenching methodology

  • Mouldboards can be added for boulder clearance