T1 Trencher

Enshore T1 - Subsea to Onshore Hard Ground Trenching

T1 is a trenching system that works both subsea and onshore. We can adapt T1 to operate in cutting and jetting mode, for multiple soils and various environmental conditions.

  • Unique offshore and onshore capability

  • Variable modes for enhanced burial

  • Simultaneous cable / pile laying and burial

  • Trench depths to 1.3m in wheel cutter mode

  • Trench depths to 2.0m in jetting mode

Enshore T1 Trencher

Cutting and Jetting

With 520kW of power, Enshore’s T1 trencher provides enhanced burial at depths of up to 1.3m in cutting mode and 2.0m in jetting mode.

Supported by teams who understand the many challenges of making a transition from subsea to onshore, T1 is the ideal equipment solution for flow lines, pipeline burial, and umbilicals and power cables on the beach, in the surf and offshore.


T1 Trencher Specifications


Wheel Cutter JETTER
Operating Depth 1000m 1000m
Max. Product Diameter 250mm 500mm
Max. Trench Depth 1.3m 2.0m
Length 13m 11.5m
Width 5.5m 5.5m
Height 6.5m 6.5m
Weight in Air 25te 19.5te
Weight in Water 16te 12te


No Burial 0 -1500m/hr
Trenching with Cutter Chain 50 - 250m/hr 50 - 500m/hr


520W (2 x 260kW) electric motor supply main vehicle hydraulics and 2 fixed / variable speed drives and water supply


Wheel Cutter Suitable for all sands, soft to hard clays and weak rock
Jetter Suitable for all uncemented sands, and soft to firm clays


Wheel Cutter Product is carried from the front mounted bell-mouth over the top of the vehicle, through trough assembly, to wheel cutter. Bellmouth fitted with feeler assembly to assist in monitoring cable catenary during simultaneous lay-trench operations.
Jetter Product passes underneath Trencher between tracks before passing through jet legs into fluidised trench. Bellmouth fitted with feeler assembly to assist in monitoring cable catenary during simultaneous lay/trench operations. Depressor can be fitted between jet legs to ensure positive depth location when trenching flexible products.


Cutter Wheel type mechanical cutter with depressor assembly and enclosed cable handling system mounted on rear instrumented tool linkage
Flow Rate 437m3/hr @ 4.6 bar
Trench Width Up to 390mm
Wheel Type External spur gear transmission
Cutting Picks 37.5mm diameter Tungsten Carbide point attack cutting picks
Wheel Speed Up to 50RPM


Gap Between Legs 200-500mm maximum
Flow Rate 1748m3/hour at 4.6 bar
Forward Jet Tool Not product engaging, suitable for tight turns, loops, close proximity etc.
Cutting Picks 5mm diameter Tungsten Carbide point attack cutting picks


Maximum Load 2000kg
Maximum Reach 7m
8 functions total + boom mounted camera for peripheral vision


Obstacle Avoidance Sonar
6 x Subsea Cameras
2 x Pan & Tilt Units
1 x Rotator Unit
8 x Subsea Lights
Responder / Transponder
Mini F.O.G Gyro
2 x 720i Gemini Sonar


If you’d like to enquire about using this machine, please contact us.