Technical Services

Enshore – technical services for trenching equipment

With an accrued wealth of technical insights, Enshore’s technical teams know how to get the best from a wide range of trenching equipment – yours and ours.

Innovating constantly with our own fleet, we offer contracted technical services for a wide range of trenching and seabed intervention equipment .

Adding our personnel to your offshore team builds experience and knowledge, too. Plus, we can ensure you’ll have access to in-house asset engineers – making sure offshore operations go to plan. In the event of challenges, our onshore team have all the engineering capability, global supply chain contacts and logistical support needed to get you back online quickly and smoothly.

Accessible in-house expertise

Enshore’s technical teams offer insights that can make a real difference to ongoing equipment overhead costs, and the costs of a project.

We’ve accrued a trenching equipment knowledge base that’ s probably second to none. What may go wrong, how to fix it, even how to mitigate costs and risks arising from the tender phase onwards.

As a result, we offer the full range of technical services. Everything from straightforward maintenance and repairs, to innovation and upgrades for challenging environments.

Reliable, flexible technical services

Our technical services are contracted by both peers and project owners. You can trust us to deliver the technical support needed, whether we’re working offshore, onshore, or here at our base in Port of Blyth, in the North of England.


If you’d like to enquire about our expertise, please contact us.