EPCI Project Team Growth

To support our continued growth, an intensive recruitment period is beginning for Enshore Subsea and, whilst new roles will be posted weekly on our LinkedIn page, we’re keen for trenching and cable installation specialists focusing on project engineering and Project Management to register interest via [email protected].

EPCI Project Success at Enshore Subsea

Enshore Subsea offers client turnkey EPCI solutions specialising in providing project delivery within accelerated timescales. Our dedicated teams focus on creating and managing partnerships to utilise local teams to deliver global projects.

Our ongoing EPCI project which began in summer 2023, working in a strategic Joint Venture with Herbosch-Kiere, involves the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation of both land and submarine cables incorporating two ~17.5 km 220 kV links stretching from Bel Air in Dakar to Cap des Biches in Senegal.

Submarine power cable for Senegal spooled in the storage carousel at LS Cable & System, South Korea, ready for loadout

The Senegal project is an excellent demonstration of our full panel of EPCI capabilities. The project has enabled the acquisition of a shallow draft DP2 vessel, CMOS Installer, which was purchased in Joint Venture with Herbosch-Kiere. 

Enshore Subsea Extends Nearshore Capability with Purchase of Shallow Draft DP2 Vessel, the Topaz Installer
The CMOS Installer

In the last year we have further strengthened our personnel expertise with strategic hires including Frederic Bost who joined the team as EPCI Director and now leads the Senegal Project. Frederic joined Enshore Subsea with a wealth of expertise across $1.5bn EPCI projects.

Frederic Bost

In 2021 we worked with our partners and main investors Al Gihaz Construction to deliver the EPCI Hawar Island project, off the coast of Bahrain. The project, which was a challenging shallow water hard seabed, saw three 25 km interconnector cables laid between Bahrain and Hawar Island, including a complex offshore transpooling operation using a shallow water barge. On the project Enshore Subsea, together with Al Gihaz, utilised cable procurement expertise, in-house trenching equipment, and both onshore and offshore cable installation experience to deliver the project.

Cable float out at Hawar Island, off the coast of Bahrain