Project Award for Enshore Subsea and Herbosch-Kiere JV

Enshore Subsea in Joint Venture with Herbosch-Kiere NV, Awarded Prestigious Senegal Power Compact Project Worth $200 Million by MCA-Sénégal II) in Dakar, Senegal.


Enshore Subsea, a leading international offshore energy solutions provider, is delighted to announce its successful bid for the Senegal Power Compact, a landmark program financed by the US-based Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)  and the Senegalese Government to contribute to the ‘global fight against poverty, the Program aims to revolutionize Senegal’s power infrastructure and provide sustainable electricity to millions of people. The offshore works will start in October 2023 and will last until Q3 2025.

Under this landmark agreement, Enshore Subsea, in a strategic Joint Venture with Herbosch Kiere, a leading Belgian Hydraulic Engineering company, will manage the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation (EPCI) contract, encompassing both land and submarine works of two ~17.5 km 220 kV links stretching from Bel Air in Dakar to Cap des Biches.

An integrated joint venture will be established with Enshore Subsea in which both parties will share 50% of the responsibilities.

“We are honored to be selected as a key partner for the Senegal Power Compact Program,” said Pierre Boyde, Managing Director of Enshore Subsea. “This is a transformative initiative that aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing sustainable energy solutions.

Throughout the project’s duration, Enshore Subsea and Herbosch Kiere will place a strong emphasis on local capacity building and skills development.

“We firmly believe in the power of equality, collaboration and knowledge-sharing, and we are eager to work alongside local talents, businesses, and authorities to leave a lasting positive impact on the community,” added Will Stephenson, Enshore’s Commercial Director.

The Senegal Power Compact program is expected to create numerous job opportunities, stimulate economic growth, and significantly enhance the reliability and accessibility of electricity in the Dakar region and beyond. Additionally, the program’s successful completion will contribute to Senegal’s progress in achieving its sustainable development goals.

Enshore Subsea has a 20+ year track record in submarine cable projects and has a strategic focus on power cable EPCI project delivery, particularly in shallow water. In addition, Enshore brings one of the world’s leading fleets of submarine cable trenching equipment to the project.

For media inquiries and further information about Enshore Subsea and the submarine power cables installation project of the Senegal Power Compact, please contact:

Will Stephenson – Commercial Director

[email protected]

0044 1670 284021


About Enshore Subsea:

Enshore Subsea is a world leading cable installation, engineering and project management specialist, dedicated to driving advancements in the renewable energy sector and delivering sustainable, innovative projects worldwide. With a profound commitment to safety, quality, and environmental responsibility, Enshore Subsea leverages cutting-edge technologies and expertise to lead each step of every project undertaken.


About Herbosch Kiere:

Herbosch Kiere is a renowned Belgian marine construction company with a rich history of successfully delivering complex projects worldwide. Specializing in marine infrastructure and engineering, the company is widely recognized for its unwavering commitment to excellence, safety, and environmental sustainability.