Enshore PCP - Power Cable Plough

Enshore’s Power Cable Plough – PCP-2 – is a high performance power cable plough that operates worldwide, providing the burial and immediate backfill of power cables. Our PCP-2 is ideally suited for offshore renewables projects, providing burial services for inter-array and export cables.

  • Self-loads product subsea

  • 3.5m bend radius for products with high MBR

  • 300kW water jetting system reduces tow force

  • Trench depths up to 2.4m at current configuration

Enshore PCP - Power Cable Plough

Ploughing for Power Cables

PCP-2 can bury cables in a variety of soil conditions. Depending on project requirements, this power cable plough can support either simultaneous or post-lay operations.

In certain seabed conditions, we can deliver enhanced burial performance by using PCP-2’s 300kW water jetting system, which reduces tow forces and increases performance.

PCP2 Plough Specifications


Max. Operating Depth 1500 m
Max. Trench Depth Up to 2.4m
Max. Product Diameter 240mm
Product MBR 3.5m (share and depressor)
Length (with depressor fully down) 12.25m
Tow Force 130 Te
Width 6.3m
Height (with drawbar raised) 6.95m
Height (with drawbar down) 4.7m
Speed range Up to 1000m/hr (product dependant)


In air 45 Te
In water 40 Te


Share Design Parallel sided blade provides low pull force and good penetration in a variety of sands subject to there being adequate pull force.
Additional tools Water jetting system - 300 kW
Depth Control Continuously variable between 0.73 m and 2.4 m using the front skids.


Suitable for a range of soil types, including sands and very soft to hard clays.


Suitable for a range of soil types, including sands and very soft to hard clays.


6 x Explorer Pro CCD
1 x 1017 OA Sonar
6 x LED Lights with Dimming Capability
Provisions for 3 x Gemini 720s
Octans Gyro


If you’d like to enquire about using this machine, please contact us.