Enshore APP - Advanced Pipeline Plough

Enshore’s Advanced Pipeline Plough (APP) has a solid track record for the pre-lay trenching and post-lay burial of large diameter pipelines and flowlines in multiple soils using multi-pass ploughing.

  • APP – diverless operation, reducing project risks

  • Adjustable skid for enhanced burial performance

  • Proven and accepted trenching methodology

  • Mouldboards can be added for boulder clearance

Enshore APP - Advanced Pipeline Plough

Trenching and Clearance

We make good of use the APP’s flexible Heave Compensated launch and recovery system, enabling us to work in extreme conditions that might prove challenging otherwise. In addition, we can add mouldboards to the APP’s main frame for boulder clearance work.

Enshore’s APP has also delivered extensive pre-cut burial work, and been used in projects that require decommissioned, surface laid pipelines to be lowered in depth.

APP Specifications


Max. Operating Depth 1000m
Max. Product Diameter Present configuration 800mm max product size with 20te max cradle capacity, 1.8 single pass. Upgradeable to 1200mm max product size with 50te max cradle capacity, 2.5m multipass (BOP)
Speed Range up to 500m/hr
Tow Force Design load 250te (onset yield at 350te)
Steering Active power steering at an angle of 7˚ either side of straight ahead
Length 17.5m
Width 10.0m Operating Width
Height 8.5m


In air 140te
In water 43.2te
Buoyancy 90te


Electric Motor 1000V, 37.5kW
Hydraulic Pumps Constant displacement gear pumps (70 litres/min at 250 bar)


Suitable for a range of soil types, including sands and very soft to hard clays.


Fitted Max. diameter 800mm, 20te capacity.
Optional 50te pipe capacity cradles and grabs fore and aft.


Obstacle Avoidance Sonar
x2 Trench Profile Sonars
Forward Landing Sonar
2 x Cameras on pan and tilt (CCD B&W) forward and aft
3 x Fixed Cameras (CCD B&W)
6 x Lights (LED)


If you’d like to enquire about using this machine, please contact us.