Enshore ENS1600 - Advanced Seabed Trenching

ENS1600 is a dual mode tracked trencher with a proven track record for burying pipelines, flowlines, umbilicals and submarine cables. Typically, ENS1600 is fitted with a subsea power kit, but we can also configure this trencher to work in shallow water, being surface fed from a support vessel.

  • Adapts quickly to operate in multiple modes

  • Simultaneous cutting and jetting operations

  • Backfill attachment

  • Trench depths up to 3.2m cutting and 5.0m jetting

  • Crane or A-Frame Launch

ENS1600 - Advanced Seabed Trenching

Cutting and Jetting

Depending on your project, ENS1600 can operate in 3.2m chain cutting mode and up to 5m jetting mode with backwash capability. This offers flexibility for burial projects: ENS1600 can be configured to work in simultaneous cutting and jetting mode, or to provide jetting only.

This makes ENS1600 the ideal trencher for all sectors delivering seabed infrastructure, be that oil and gas pipelines, power transmission cables, offshore renewables or cables on the beach, in the surf or offshore.

ENS1600 Trencher Specifications


Operating Depth 1500m
Max. Product Diameter 300mm (Cutting), 500mm (Jetting)
Max. Trench Depth 3.2m (Cutting), 5.0m (Jetting)
Dimensions with cutter and rear jetting ( L x W x H) 16m x 7.5m x 4.7m
Dimensions with Backfill Tool (L x W x H) 12m x 7.5m x 4.7m
Weight (In Water) 38te / 20te (with buoyancy)
Weight (In Air) 50te (with jetter, cutter and trough fitted)
Product Loading / Unloading Diverless Loading/Unloading


No Burial Up to 1500m/hr
Trenching (Cutting Mode) Up to 300 m/hr (Soil Dependent)
Trenching (Jetting Mode) Up to 400m/hr (Soil Dependent)


Total Power 2 x 600kW HPUs (subsea power configuration)
1200 kW (surface supplied configuration)


Suitable for a range of soil types, including sands, very soft to hard clays.


Product Handling Product passes through trencher over the chain in a protected product highway before rear jet swords simultaneously jet and lower the cable using integrated depressor
Depth Control 0 - 3.2m max. through a combination of differing boom lengths and pup pieces.
Chain Speed 2-4m/sec
Chain Cutter Weight 12.0te


Product Handling Product passes underneath trencher between tracks before passing through jet legs into fluidised trench.
Water Injection 2500m3/hour at 10ar
Trench Depth Control 5.0m max
Jetting Pack Weight 5.0te


2 x SIT Cameras
2 x Mono CCD Cameras
1 x Colour CCD Camera
4 x Pan & Tilt Units (24v Sub-Atlantic)


If you’d like to enquire about using this machine, please contact us.