T3200 - Mechanical cutter and jet trencher

T3200 is the world’s largest and most powerful subsea trencher, with a proven track record of burial in the most challenging seabed conditions.

  • Unrivalled capability

  • 800kW dual cutter drive

  • Trench depth to 3.5m

  • Combined cutting and jetting

  • Subsea product loading and unloading

Enshore Subsea announces return of T3200: The world’s most powerful subsea trencher

T3200 Trencher

The vehicle in slot cutter mode weighs 170Te in air and delivers 2200kW of motive, trenching and jetting power.

A central chain cutter delivers 800kW cutting power up to 3.5m trench depth, with a 600kW jetting system providing 2200m3/hr water at 6 bar pressure, deployed independently or in tandem with the central chain cutter.

T3200 Trencher Specifications


Operating Depth 9m - 500m
Max. Trench Depth 3.5m
Trench Profile. Trench Depth Parallel trench - Vertical walls
Product Tracking TSS440/TSS350, OA sonar & cameras


Length 22.5m
Width 13m
Height 9.6m
Weight in Air Between 143Te and 170Te depending on system
Ground Pressure Between 15kPa and 40kPa depending on system

Soil Type

Suitable for a range of sands, clay and rock up to 40MPa UCS.POWER

Simultaneous Cutting and Jetting

Configuration Single cutting boom
Cutter Power 800kWl sands, soft to hard clays and weak rock
Chain Type Heavy mining chain with picks and pattern to match soil type
Max. Product Size 500mm
Product Handling Forward and aft telescoping hydraulic grabs loading product into instrumented swing frame cable tough with bellmouth cable guides.
Depth Control 0m - 3.5m
MBR 5m

Rear Tooling Jet Swords

Power 600kW
Pressure 6 bar
Flow 2200m3/hr

Spoil Flushing/Spoil Management System

Power 120kW

Chain Cleaning

Power 200kW


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