Trenching Subcontractor

Enshore – the industry’s dependable trenching subcontractor

The team at Enshore has more than 25 years’ experience, providing trenchers, support teams, and project management expertise to clients in every sector. Oil and gas, wind, telecoms, renewables and more.

Trenching contract services

We know what you need from your trenching contractor: a dependable service, straightforward costs, reliable equipment, and attention to detail in risk management and safety, always.

Enshore offers the full range of trenching services. Everything from straightforward, hard-ground trencher hire – with an experienced, knowledgeable team – to outsourced, total project solutions inclusive of vessel supply and all the support needed to deliver your project on-budget and on-time.

Enshore trenching fleet

As a trenching subcontractor, we offer a full range of hard ground trenchers and jetting vehicles.

Dependable trenching subcontracting

You can trust us to get the job done, whether we’re working offshore, onshore, or on the beach.

From initial trenching strategy to full project resourcing, it’s about understanding the environment, working safely, and providing the trenching services you need to overcome any challenges.

We offer our own teams of trained, qualified personnel to support ENS1600, SWT-1, T1, APP and PCP – and our onshore, in-house technical expertise means Enshore’s trenching services come with a hidden advantage.

Cross-sector trencher subcontracting

Having worked with major installation companies and marine contractors, international infrastructure projects, and smaller operations – we know how to get the best from our trenchers.

Our project management skills and technical expertise are second to none. Shallow water projects are our specialism, but our cross-sector learnings make it easier for you to get the best from our equipment and deliver a complex seabed project.

Our people have industry leading experience, running trenchers, upgrading assets, solving problems and delivering the optimum spread for a project. We use our knowledge and years of experience to optimise our tools – meeting and hopefully exceeding clients’ expectations.


If you’d like to enquire about our expertise, please contact us.