EPCI Project Update: Senegal Power Compact Project Client Engagement

Last week we welcomed client MCA-Sénégal II and Cheikh Niane, The Senegal Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy, Petroleum and Mines (MEPM), to Bel Air Power Plant. 

The visit, part of the quarterly client meeting, also included representatives from Millennium Challenge Corporation and Senelec.

“It was a pleasure to welcome the visitors onto our partner HERBOSCH-KIERE’s Atlantis vessel,” said Chris Cowperthwaite, Enshore Subsea Project Manager. “We showcased our ENS1600 dual mode tracked trencher, and talked through the trenching process which is due to begin in a matter of weeks. We also visited the landfall sites at Cap Des Biches and Rive Bel Air where the party witnessed excavation works in preparation for the HDPE install.”

The Senegal Power Compact submarine cable project, implemented by MCA-Sénégal II, is Enshore Subsea’s ongoing EPCI project, in partnership with HERBOSCH-KIERE.

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Images courtesy of MCA Senegal II