EPCI Projects

Enshore Subsea offers clients turnkey EPCI solutions, specialising in shallow water and hard ground projects.

At Enshore, we take pride in saying ‘you can depend on us to get the job done’.

Specialising in shallow water projects, we provide turnkey solutions across engineering, procurement, construction and installation – providing project delivery within accelerated timescales. 

Our track record shows we’re reliable. It’s our project management skills and in-house technical expertise that make all the difference. 

Why choose Enshore for your EPCI project?

Whilst we’re relatively new to the EPCI market we bring with us over 25 years over trenching and cable laying expertise, a passion and appetite for projects other suppliers feel less confident delivering, and a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and rapidly expanding project management and engineering team. This is all supported with the financial backing of our parent company Algihaz Holding

Collaboration is part of our DNA and our dedicated teams focus on creating and managing partnerships that work, utilising local teams to deliver global projects where required.

We’re specialists in shallow water projects, it’s an area of seabed preparation and intervention that’s needed by many but understood by few. Our unrivalled hard ground trenching capability, supported by our expert operating teams, is renowned across the subsea industry. 

Our DP2 Cable Lay Vessel

Enshore Subsea owns the CMOS Installer DP2 cable lay vessel, in joint venture with Herbosch-Kiere.

The vessel supports clients with shallow water cable lay and trenching projects worldwide.

The CMOS Installer, which is managed and operated jointly by Enshore Subsea and Herbosch-Kiere, is a shallow draft, highly manoeuvrable cable laying vessel, with proven track record stretching back 25 years.

Our Trenching Assets

Our in house range of subsea trenchers, including mechanical and jet trenching systems, cable ploughs, intelligent mattress frames, and a range of ancillary equipment for surveys and UXO provide confidence in our ability to protect cables no matter the substrate. 

For all kinds of seabed preparation, installation and protection of critical infrastructure, Enshore can provide the equipment you need, supported by a full team of experts to deliver the project.

Our technical expertise on-shore means our teams off-shore have an advantage. Backed by years of project management expertise, this makes us a leading contender for all shallow water projects.


If you’d like to enquire about our expertise, please contact us.