Shallow Water Projects

Enshore – trusted to deliver shallow water seabed installation and protection services

At Enshore, we take pride in saying ‘you can depend on us to get the job done’.

Specialising in shallow water projects, we provide turnkey solutions that include equipment and project teams to install and protect critical infrastructure – large and small – in shallow water.

Our track record shows we’re reliable. It’s our project management skills and in-house technical expertise that make all the difference.

Why choose Enshore for shallow water?

We’re specialists in shallow water projects, it’s an area of seabed preparation and intervention that’s needed by many but understood by few.

Our specialised equipment and vessels are the key to successful, project-by-project solutions – and we’re as adept at providing assets and expertise as a contractor, as we are at total project solutions.

Power Cable Installation

Power cable installation and burial techniques have evolved. Chances are that our in-house teams have already overcome the challenges you’ll be facing for power cable installation and burial.

We mitigate risks from the outset. From international projects, working as a Tier 1 contractor, to smaller projects or the supply of assets and project expertise to contractors with specific shallow water requirements, we work collaboratively to ensure we stay on budget and on time.

Fibre Optics Installation

Fibre Optics installation is a demanding, specialist process. From the tender and initial strategy to assessment studies, workability and resourcing, our approach is simple. We get the job done.

We understand the environment, we know how to get the best from our equipment and work safely, always; and we bring a wealth of cross-sector insights with us, to overcome any challenges.

Our technical expertise on-shore means our teams off-shore have an advantage. Backed by years of project management expertise, this makes us a leading contender for all shallow water projects.


We understand the complexities of working with Subsea Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines (SURF) – and our shallow water experience offers transferrable insights that help mitigate project risks.

Cable repair

Enshore offers a wide range of asset maintenance and technical services in shallow water – working with subsea power, telecoms, renewables, and energy industries.


If you’d like to enquire about our expertise, please contact us.