RapidScan Subsea

RapidScan Subsea

The multispectral subsea investigation tool revolutionising subsea surveys and UXO identification

Introducing RapidScan Subsea: the multispectral subsea investigation tool.

Revolutionising subsea surveys with safe, stable, and efficient data collection, providing terrestrial quality data in the marine environment.

The tool represents a groundbreaking solution that revolutionises the field of marine UXO investigation.

Developed to address the growing challenges associated with safeguarding coastal difficulties, this cutting-edge technology offers a robust, versatile, and highly efficient tool for real-time data analysis in aggressive environments.

The system can be equipped with a diverse array of sensors as the primary composition is non-ferrous. The system also carries a full grapple and dredge arm for investigation and sampling works. 

High-resolution imaging systems allow the identification and tracking of marine life, providing essential information for biodiversity monitoring and habitat conservation.

RapidScan Subsea is ground stabilised for extremely accurate data gathering and implementation of EM time domain sensor technology.

Launching in Q4 2024, contact us now to discuss how we can support your projects. 


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RapidScan Subsea - the multispectral subsea investigation tool from Enshore Subsea