WindEnergy Hamburg

Making better connections 

WindEnergy Hamburg will be the most important gathering of the wind-energy industry for some time – the pace of change is accelerating, as are the technologies and the need to create smarter associated logistics.

Our team will be visiting the exhibition in Hamburg, gathering insights from established manufacturers and suppliers, and new entrants into the market. We are keen to keep the conversation moving forward on innovation and the transformation of wind energy provisioning.

One area of interest for many of our colleagues will be the use of digital expertise not only to drive efficiency into the hard aspects of construction expertise but also to improve relationships with the communities impacted by the connections between offshore and onshore development. 

As a provider working with those connections in shallow water, we’re always conscious of the effect construction has on local infrastructure. We are all focused on the long-term benefits from renewables, and wind in particular, but we need to be mindful of the immediate impact. Proud of our reputation with suppliers, contractors and local communities, it’s something we’ll be discussing with colleagues at WindEnergy Hamburg.

See you there!